What's in a name? Well, if you're Adam Scott, as in Adam Scott from Parks and Recreation, plenty. As in plenty annoying.

Apparently the guy's gotten a wee bit bothered by all the jokes being made at his expense ever since another Adam Scott won The Masters over the weekend.

So the actor decided to stop by Monday's Conan to express his frustration over the endless lame jokes by citing a few examples like, "Hey, who is his caddie? Nick Offerman?" and "I can't believe anyone could mix up the two Adam Scotts. They're 'Poehler' opposites" and "Hey Adam, you know what's below par? Your acting."

Scott concluded by saying, "My life has become hell. So, America, and I don't mean to sound ungrateful, and I mean this with nothing but love in my heart, but please, can everyone shut the hell up? Thank you."

Speaking of love in one's heart, Scott the golfer may soon be showing his as a source who works on The Bachelor told E! News exclusively that plans are underway to "pursue" the 32-year-old Australian to be on the reality show.

We're sure there's a joke in there somewhere. Just don't tell, well, you know

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