Boston Marathon Explosions

David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

New Kids On The Block singer Joey McIntyre, Olympic swimmer Summer Sanders and Survivor star Ethan Zohn were among the celebrities running in the Boston Marathon today when a pair of deadly explosions rocked the annual event at the finish line.

According to The Boston Globe, 2 people have been reported dead and 23 injured as of now.

But as we await further information about the blasts and those affected by them, the celebs took to Twitter to let their loved ones and fans know they're safe and not in the vicinity of the blasts.

Joey McIntyre, Twitter, Boston Marathon


"There was an explosion by the finish line about 5 minutes after I finished- I'm ok but I'm sure there are many hurt," tweeted McIntyre.

"Can anyone tell us what happen near the marathon? Felt two BIG booms that shook our hotel and saw smoke on Boylston," posted Sanders, a gold medalist from 1992 who finished approximately an hour before the explosions occurred.

"This is totally tragic and my heart goes out to all involved and the city," she noted, quickly adding: "We are safe, but locked down in our hotel. Thinking about all those affected and so appreciative of the first responders."

"I'm OK. Most importantly, praying for those injured and affected by this. Still don't have a lot of info. Thanks for your love and concern," tweeted Zohn.

The cancer survivor, who won Survivor: Africa and appeared on The Amazing Race, had earlier tweeted that he was passing the 19-mile mark not long before the explosions took place so we're sure glad to hear from him.

More details as we learn them. Until then, our thoughts go out to all affected

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