Rebel Wilson's Funniest MTV Movie Awards Moments: So How'd She Do as Host?

James Franco, jokes about Channing Tatum and a cameo in Les Misérables make for some of the night's most memorable gags

By John Boone Apr 15, 2013 7:44 PMTags

An award show is only as good as its host, which might be why Amy Poehler and Tina Fey's Golden Globes was a hit while so many other award shows...well, they suck.

So how did Rebel Wilson's first stint as MTV Movie Awards host stack up? She was the hostess with the mostest—at least when it came to screen time.

The audience was treated to plenty of Rebel throughout the night (so much so that some of her comedy bits got cut from the final show), including lots of jokes about her vagina and a running commentary on the hottest men in Hollywood.

And if you weren't able to tune in, we rounded up and ranked her funniest bits of the night for you:

5. Opening Comedy Monologue

Pros: The winner of Best Ginger receiving "two visible eyebrows" instead of a golden popcorn made us giggle (sorry, gingers).

Cons: The jokes about North Korea's supreme leader "Lil' Kim" firing missiles prematurely fell flat. The joke about Lena Dunham getting naked is reduced, reused and recycled. And the jokes about the faux Movie Award nominations from 1913 were meh on the whole (aside from Django Very Recently Unchained). 

4. James Franco Enlists Rebel

Pros: Franco and Wilson joking not-so-subtly about his failed stint as Oscar host was LOL-worthy. As was the fact that Rebel's Iron Mangina was supposedly originally intended for Mila Kunis. Plus, can we buy those Channing Tatum body pillows anywhere? Etsy? Where?

Cons: Too many jokes about Rebel's weight gets old fast. We get it. We got it. Move on.

3. Pitch Perfect's Cast Reunites

Pros: Uh, Pitch Perfect's cast reunited! Onstage! For a musical number! And we liked the Rocky-esque song-and-dance montage where Rebel worked out on exercise machines made out of human men (which sounds a lot creepier in writing; just watch the clip).

Cons: No Anna Kendrick, for one. Plus, it didn't quite top the Bellas' performance in the finale of the film. But it was still fun!

2. Rebel Wilson's Deleted Scenes

Pros: Rebel being replaced by a CGI tiger in Life of Pi after perfecting her Indian accent was the best bit. Her singing backup to Anne Hathaway as the "head whore" in Les Misérables was a close second. Bonus points for the bitchy "Tom Hooper" cameo.

Cons: The Magic Mike bit was the weakest. And since so many of the night's jokes revolved around Channing Tatum's booty, it would have been funny to have the two interacting during some strip routine (especially since they did film segments together to promo the show).

1. Rebel's Koala Has X-Ray Eyes

Pros: Russell Crowe wasn't in attendance because he was filming Pitch Not Perfect. Quvenzhané Wallis' purse is filled with booze. And, in hindsight, this gag would foreshadow some controversial moments later in the night: Aubrey Plaza's stage crashing (look for her in the front row as Rebel walks by) and extended bits about people's...bits (looking at you, Seth Rogen. Sorry, but we far prefer Chris Evans' in this sketch.).


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