Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Crystal Reed, Teen Wolf

Bob Mahoney/MTV

This might hurt. Gulp!

So says the first promo for Teen Wolf's highly anticipated third season, which returns Monday, June 3. 

MTV aired the first trailer for the new season during the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, and while there's no new footage included we're sure fans are still biting their nails in anticipation. Why? Because Scott (Tyler Posey) is being tortured...by an Alpha. (Cool tats, bro!) But twist alert—Scott is actually being tortured by himself! (Anyone else notice the wolfsbane in the water? Hmm...)

Does  this mean Scott will be joining the Alpha pack that's set to be introduced in season three? Or will be he starting a pack of his own? Watch the new promo and decipher it for yourself...

Teen Wolf returns Monday, June 3 at 10 p.m. on MTV. 

What do you think of the first promo for the new season? Sound off in the comments!

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