Vince Vaughn is back.

After hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time in 1998, the Watch star returned to the late-night laugher to bring on the funny, and dish on what he's learned during his nearly 15-year hosting hiatus. 

"What I think was the most important lesson that I learned from that show…it's the not the cast, the writers, or the crew, and contrary to popular belief it's not me…it's the audience," Vaughn said during his lengthy eight-minute monologue. "I'm not sucking up to you caged animals. I love your energy….where you guys go, the show goes."

Then, Vaughn stepped into the audience to pick people out of the crowd, chat them up and get them pumped up for the show (and throw a couple of them out while he was at it).

In Vaughn's first sketch of the night, he played a weatherman in The Weather Channel's first scripted drama, "Stormy Skies," stirring up drama when he has an affair with one of the married anchors on his show. 

Then, in faux commercial "Bathroom Cobra," Vaughn plays a guy in a new relationship who is mortified when his girlfriend wants to go into the bathroom after he has used it. His solution: the bathroom cobra, a huge cobra snake that you place in your bathroom to prevent your new girlfriend from going in after you. 

In "Short Term Memory Loss Theater," actors who suffer from short-term memory loss put on a play and (not surprisingly) can't remember their lines. Bill Hader, who feeds the actors their lines on stage when they forget them, can barely keep in his laughter in as Armisen and Vaughn struggle to remember their lines for the play.

Vaughn also went on to make out with Kate McKinnon in a bar in "Donnelly's," and played a TV exec looking for a new theme song for an NBA show in "Roundball Rock," among other roles.

One of the best skits of the night, though, came in the form of "History of Punk." While Vaughn wasn't in that sketch, Hader, Taran Killam, and Fred Armisen killed as a British punk rock band whose lead singer Ian Rubbish (Armisen) had a borderline obsession with Margaret Thatcher, who passed away April 8.

Miguel was also on hand, performing "Adorn" and "How Many Drinks."

So, what did you think about Vaughn's second hosting stint?

Sound off in the comments! 

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