Rebel Wilson


Rebel Wilson rocks.

From her Iron Mangina suit to her appreciation of Channing Tatum's buttocks, the Aussie funnylady killed it as a first-time host at last night's MTV Movie Awards.

But there was also plenty to see when the cameras weren't rolling. And we're not just talking about Aubrey Plaza getting booted from the show.

Here, we give you five things you didn't catch on TV during this year's golden popcorn telecast.

1. Bosom Buddies: Who was the first person to jump to their feet to give Wilson and her Pitch Perfect costars a standing ovation for their opening number? Matt Lucas, who played Wilson's roommate brother in Bridesmaids. FYI: They're real-life roommates, too.

2. Dances With Wolves: Tyler Posey really likes Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Like, really, really likes them. He was one of the very few people in the audience (except for those in the stageside fan pit) who danced to the duo's performance. The Teen Wolf star sang along while fist pumping into the air and jumping up and down.

3. Noises Off: Joss Whedon got cut off. The Avengers director had more to say during his acceptance speech for Movie of the Year, but his remarks came to an unexpected end when his mic was cut. Whedon simply shrugged his shoulders before walking offstage with his cast.

4. Chat Pack: Samuel L. Jackson buzzed around during commercial breaks, talking to Jamie Foxx, his Avengers costar Tom Hiddleston, and Kerry Washington's mom while reserving a huge bear hug for Bradley Cooper. Foxx also chatted with Taylor Lautner as well as Seth Rogen.

5. Bigger Than the Golden Popcorn: Guess what Wilson left with? Her Iron Mangina suit, which she's reportedly planning to turn into a statue to display at her house, according to a source.

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