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To make sure you're being your best couch-potato self and to expand your TV experience, we're highlighting the best shows on TV you're not currently watching.

Seeing as how the stars of Workaholics are basically owning this week, with Anders Holm recently guest starring on The Mindy Project and Modern Family and Adam DeVine set to perform at the MTV Movie Awards with the Pitch Perfect cast on Sunday, what better show to highlight in our new weekly feature than the Comedy Central gem that may just be the funniest show on TV? Oh yes, we went there and we bought property. Created by Holm, DeVine, Blake Anderson and Kyle Newacheck, Workaholics is probably the male-oriented analogue to Girls, focusing on three man-children (emphasis on children) navigating life post-college. Except ten times funnier and weirder.

The Gist: Three BFFs/slackers work, live, play and get wrapped up in all sorts of shenanigans (like befriending a pedophile who uses Justin Bieber chat rooms to find children) together. There's Adam (DeVine), the group's cocky-yet-emotional leader, Anders (Holm), the "mature" one who likes to use big words and probably campaigned to win "most likely to succeed" in high school, and Blake (Anderson), the adorably eccentric/slightly dimwitted one who is the glue that keeps the trio together. It's like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia meets Office Space meets Old School. Need we say more? Spend one episode with these guys, and you'll be begging to be let in their group.

Why We Love It: On the outside, it seems like just another slacker comedy, but the writing is three things television is in desperate need of: funny, different and original. There's no big gimmick or flashy production values; in fact, the best laugh-out-loud moments come from these guys just getting into dumb situations. Plus, the supporting cast rounds out the show so perfectly, it's almost unfair to other ensemble shows. It's constantly quotable and every scene is GIF-worthy. Plus, it has never met a pop culture reference it didn't love. The show is basically the definition of tight butthole. (Just watch and  then you'll understand that term.)

The Stats: Three seasons and 40 episodes deep, Workaholics shows no signs of slowing down as Comedy Central has already renewed the series for two more seasons, each made up of 13 episodes, after the most recent season averaged 2 million viewers. Let's get weird! Oh, and the show is so beloved that our trio will guest-star in the upcoming revival of Arrested Development on Netflix.

Eye Candy: All three leading men will stimulate your eyeballs. If you're into the classic preppy look (or wish the Winklevoss twins were a tad skinnier), Anders is definitely your man. If you prefer long hair and a Coachella-esque outfit (Bear coat, anyone?), Blake is your dude. And if you prefer an "awesome face," Adam, as he will definitely be the first to tell you, is your guy.

Romance Factor: While none of the guys has a steady lady, Blake has had an ongoing flirtation with coworker Jillian (Jillian Bell). Oh, and one time, Adam hooked up with an Insane Clown Posse groupie (aka a Juggalo), played by Pitch Perfect costar Rebel Wilson. 'Twas epic. But really, the love story here is among the three guys, who are their own weird little family.

Best Episode: Season one, episode three: "Office Campout." Mostly because Adam sings an original song dedicated to Catherine Zeta-Jones' work in Entrapment. Sample lyrics: "Catherine Zeta Jones, she dips beneath lasers, woah oh oh…"

Best Season: Season one, because that is when we were introduced to the boys, and it will always be special to us.

Repeat Watch Factor: 7 out of 10, but only because there aren't that many episodes in the bank right now. You can definitely watch each episode at least three times and still get a kick out of it every single time.

When You Can Watch: Though Workaholics just wrapped its third season in March, you can relive season one in all its glory on Netflix. To sum up: Life's short, kiss hard. At least that's what Blake taught us.

Is there a show you love that you feel is underappreciated? Leave a comment and we may feature it!

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