Tom Cruise was destined for fame.

On Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Oblivion star revealed that hundreds of years before he was born, the Cruise family already owned Hollywood.

OK, not that Hollywood, but another one in Ireland of the same name. The actor, 50, explained that on his recent visit to the country, two women researched his family history, which led to this interesting discovery.

"They traced my family back to, like, the ninth century in Ireland," he said. "I had no idea that it went back that far."

The family name—even back then—was Cruise, and they were apparently pretty powerful people. "I found out my ancestors were the rulers of north Ireland," Tom revealed.

"And you can't make this up," he said. "They owned a town called Hollywood. It was so wild."

Actually, Tom was told his ancestors "owned most of Dublin at a certain point."

Fortunately, Jimmy veered away from asking too much about Tom's personal life (aka Katie Holmes, divorce), so Mr. Cruise had no need to make an Irish exit.

Jimmy did ask, however, "Is everything going well? You all right?"

Tom replied, with that movie star smile, "It's going good!"


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