Go G!

Everyone knows that Giuliana Rancic is an expert when it comes to all things Hollywood, but what some might not have known is that Duke's mommy has some hip-hop skills.

"Earlier, [Terrence Jenkins] and I showed you last night's Oblivion premiere that we went to, but the real action started once we stepped off the red carpet," Rancic revealed during tonight's episode of E! News.

"So I took G around to her car," Terrence continued, "We were driving through the streets of Hollywood and I discovered one of Hollywood's newest rap sensations. I caught it on my FlipCam. Check this out."

Suddenly, there's Giuliana, cruisin' down the street rapping along to Jay-Z's "Can I Get A..." with hand motions and everything. And Terrence supportively took on the role of hype man behind the camera.

"Your swag is impeccable," Jenkins said afterward, and invited viewers to tweet the E! News cohosts ideas for their next song choice. (Seriously, go tweet!).

But now we have to think of a rapper name for Giuliana...Lil G? G-Dogg? G.Ranc? Geezy?

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