Grant Bowler, Lindsay Lohan, Liz & Dick

Jack Zeman/Lifetime

From playing Richard Burton to Lindsay Lohan's Elizabeth Taylor to taking on the role of an alien fighter turned law-keeper, it's all in day's work for Grant Bowler!

The Liz & Dick star's highly anticipated new Syfy series, Defiance, which is the first TV show to ever launch simultaneously with a video game, debuts Monday, April 15, and we sat down with the charming Australian actor to discuss the new show (and, of course, Lohan).

"[David] Letterman has already done it for me, which is good," Bowler jokes about questions regarding his soon-to-be-in-rehab former costar. But would he be willing to work with her again on Defiance?!

Set in the year 2046, Defiance centers on a town of the same name more than 30 years after a war between humans and aliens left Earth forever changed. Bowler plays Jeb Nolan, a former marine who lost his family due to the war and is now the lawmaker in the bustling frontier boomtown of Defiance. In other words, Nolan is a far, far cry from Burton.

"Well, the funny thing was, I shot the pilot to Defiance, and then literally flew to LA, started preproduction on Liz & Dick; shot Liz & Dick night and day, as we all know," Bowler explains of the transition between his two most high-profile projects. "Then [I] bailed after the last day of Liz & Dick, flew right back up here and started the series. So Defiance and Liz & Dick are always going to be enmeshed together in my mind."

We wondered if they could potentially mesh together even more for Bowler, and asked if he'd like to see Lohan make a guest appearance on Defiance should it be picked up for a second season. "We're in talks already!" he jokes.

Defiance premieres Monday, April 15, at 9 p.m. on Syfy.

(E! and Syfy are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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