Lindsay Lohan, Gavin Doyle

Dharma/; David Tonnessen,

Lindsay Lohan's got a lot to deal with right now.

Yet in spite of this, fake reports about imagined out-of-control behavior continue to flood the press. The Daily News claimed Wednesday that Lindsay "went ballistic" when her former assistant, Gavin Doyle, came over to speak to her at 1OAK in NYC, but multiple sources confirm to E! News this absolutely not true.

The tabloid says Lindsay "was throwing plastic glasses and freaking out, yelling," when Gavin approached her table. But this whole thing is, well, physically impossible. Gavin has been in L.A. for over a month, and Lindsay was right in the heart of Manhattan, across the country, when this incident supposedly went down.

And while the false report made it seem like Linds and Gavin are sworn enemies, a source tells E! News the duo are "BFFs and in constant communication." In fact they're heading to Coachella together this weekend.

So, yeah. No nightclub brawl to report. Beware of the Plastics!

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