The new film, 42, is so much more than just a baseball movie.

Sure, it may be a biopic about Jackie Robinson, but at its heart is the love story between the history-making player and his wife.

"I think what I thought about it then, and I still do, is the challenges didn't drive us apart, Jack and I, it made us feel like it's the two of us against the world," Rachel Robinson recalls in this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip. "I hate to say, but it was supportive of our marriage as opposed to destructive."

And the actors who play the couple in the film, Chadwick Boseman and Nicole Beharie, certainly got a clear understanding of that relationship while making the movie.

"They cherished that space that they had together," Boseman says. "They had to keep that space pure."

Adds Beharie, "I think the most interesting thing about their love story is that she is still so loyal and devoted and enamored by him to this day."

"She's an inspiring, fascinating woman," notes Harrison Ford, who portrays legendary Brooklyn Dodgers GM Branch Rickey, who signed Robinson and broke the game's color barrier. "She's very much interested in preserving her husband's legacy. The things that are noble about America are really represented in this movie."

42 hits theaters this Friday.

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