LL Cool J, Brad Paisley

Jerod Harris/ACMA2013/Getty Images

Brad Paisley and LL Cool J's "Accidental Racist" follow-up doesn't raise any red (white and blue Confederate) flags.

On Wednesday, the bromantic duo released "Live for You," a rap-country mix focusing on loving a lady rather than fixing a racial divide. (Listen for yourself on LL's SoundCloud page.)

The track, which is featured on LL's upcoming album Authentic, is upbeat and completely non-divisive. LL raps positive verse after verse (such as "Hearts wide open and free / Love is the key") while a slightly auto-tuned Brad promises endless love in the chorus ("No matter how you feel, where you are / Just know that I love you girl").

"Live for You" isn't likely to have the same backlash as "Accidental Racist," which has come under fire since its release earlier this week. Both LL and Brad, however, have stood by the ditty. The country star said he "wouldn't change a thing" about the track, while LL told CNN he's "really proud" of the song and its message.

Much love, y'all.

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