Nadya Suhlman, Octomom

In Touch

And to think Nadya Suleman didn't even know who Angelina Jolie was when we first met her (or so she told Oprah Winfrey).

It's safe to say that Octomom is more than well aware of the superstar now, considering she took on several of Jolie's most famous poses in a photo spread for In Touch Weekly.

Suleman channeled Brad Pitt's lady (helping to inspire a new trend called "Jolie-ing") by copying the celeb's famous leggy look at the Oscars last year and venturing into Lara Croft-in-Tomb Raider mode.

But the comparisons didn't stop there. Suleman also compared herself to Jolie when it comes to motherhood, saying that her doppelgänger-for-a-day has it easy.

"I do a lot!" the mother of 14 told the mag. "I'm a cook, a chauffeur and a nanny," she said, adding that she doesn't have some of the perks that other celebrity mothers have.

Regardless, Octomom said that she "admires" Jolie because she "saves childrens' lives," but admits that they don't have much in common other than their full households. "I get that we both have a lot of kids, but I don't think I look anything like her."

Although she's obviously willing to try.

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