It's time once again to fight ire with ire. We've combed through your comments in search of the sturdiest bone to pick this week and came up with someone who doesn't much appreciate our rising tide of filth and flarn.

Corpse Bride Comment

Not to split hairs, Cathy, but who's to say the two things are mutually exclusive? Ever heard of Clown Porn? neither. But it exists!

Our point being, we may have gotten some peanut butter in your chocolate but what's so wrong with that? Sex sells. Funny sells. Sometimes scantily clad people do stupid things too. We discriminate indiscriminately.

Also, if you don't care to see anything remotely pornographic on the Internet, might we recommend never going on the Internet?

Finally—and we hope you're still with us here—are you looking for sexy singles in your area? Join now, for free! ‡


‡following completion of the introductory period, daily micropayments of your soul will automatically be made to

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