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What's that? You want scoop on what comes after tonight's sure-to-get-people-talking episode of Glee?

Well, that's good, because we've got you covered in today's Spoiler Chat, which includes scoop on a certain Sons of Anarchy fan favorite's upcoming guest appearance as one of the glee kids' moms! We've also got spoilers on The Vampire Diaries' mysterious big bad Silas, Nashville's latest romantic twist and Nurse Jackie's love triangle! Plus, we've got scoop on The Mindy Project's upcoming interaction that will surprise fans, Suburgatory and more!

Adam: Yes, I still watch Californication, and yes, I need scoop on season seven.
You're in luck, because we have info on the season-seven premiere. It's currently titled "Levon," and in it, Hank will make a very impassioned speech to Karen about his love for her. It's really sweet, in a weird way, but the moment is cut very short when a third-party member crashes the one-on-one scene. Things only spiral downhill from there. And fast.

Sasha O.: We've heard all about Glee's "Shooting Star" episode. I want scoop on stuff happening after this week's show.
We told you that Katey Sagal is guest starring as Artie's mom, but did you also know that the powers that be at Glee have big plans for her next season? If Glee gets a fifth season, that is. She won't be singing in her upcoming episode, but we hear that Ryan Murphy and Co. are working on a big song for her. As for Artie's dad, no plans to see him yet. Which is a bummer, because Kevin McHale told us he's been pushing for Harry Connick Jr.. to play his dad from the very beginning. 

I'll take anything you've got on The Vampire Diaries!
Prepare to see Silas' real face and it's…Scott Parks! No, the CW hit didn't go for a big name, but a local Atlanta actor who appeared briefly on Homeland. Alas, fans probably won't be seeing much of the real Silas as we know Steven R. McQueen and Matt Davis' upcoming returns to the show will somehow factor into the big bad's storyline. And we're hearing several other familiar faces may also be popping up again in Mystic Falls.

Kimma_S: Since you said you've seen Nurse Jackie, how about some scoop or tease about the new season?
What do you call a love triangle, plus one? Well, whatever it is, Jackie is involved with one of those. But that's the least of her worries in the new season, because her daughter Grace is doing all those awful things that teenagers do, but even worse. Let's just say that Grace may or may not pick up one of her mom's habits.



Gwen: Loving Nashville! Any scoop on Rayna and Deacon? I hope they get together for real soon!
Well, things are about to get real messy in Rayna and Teddy's divorce because of, you guessed it, Deacon! It seems like Teddy will be trying to change their custody agreement in order to keep the girls away from Rayna whenever she's around Deacon. Ouch!

Richie: You guys are always good with Suburgatory scoop, so make with the spoilers.
Suburgatory is about to go all Revenge on us, and the one who will be wielding the red sharpie is Noah! "I just left my wife for Carmen, my nanny. And then Carmen didn't want me and she got together with my therapist, who I was seeing to help get over my wife and to figure out how to get with Carmen. It's a mess," Alan Tudyk tells us. "So now I'm going to take revenge on my therapist. I'm plotting that now." Look out, Emily Thorne!

charlottexoxo: I'm obsessed with The Mindy Project, any developments with Mindy and Danny?
How about scoop on a development between Danny…and midwife Brendan?! "I'm coming back for a couple more episodes before this whole thing is over," Mark Duplass tells us. "There's intense activity between me and Chris Messina's character. And beyond that, you have to watch." Hmmm…could Danny be calling Brendan out for treating Mindy like crap? Fingers crossed!

Bradley in Chicago: Episodes fanatic and first-time Spoiler Chat question-asker. Do you have any spoilers on the new season?
Guess who's going to see a sex therapist in the season-three premiere? Sean and Beverly! Is it awkward? You bet. But does it lead to a sad but necessary breakthrough for the couple? Sure does.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullin, Tierney Bricker and Marc Malkin

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