A special alarm goes off in the E! building when news breaks of a celebrity haircut (there are 43 different alarms, one for every story from Aniston pregnancy to Kardashian constipation). Unfortunately, the haircut alarm sounds remarkably similar to the alarm for full-scale nuclear attack, so we've been piling in and out of our bunker for the last two days straight. And that's no fun when a particular Soup staffer's natural body odor contains notes of lunch meat.

The first time the haircut alarm went off, it was to report Justin Bieber's new L-Word inspired 'do.

Justin Bieber


The came the second siren, bearing news of Michelle Williams' new rocker locks.  

Michelle Williams

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Ladies! Did you plan this?! Take a closer look. Can you even tell which baby-faced, smooth-armed beauty is which?

Bieber Williams Face Swap

Did these two DM each other beforehand? Or did they pee in the same fountain and are now living out the lowest-stakes body-swap plot imaginable? I guess the only way to find out for sure is by testing their handshake - if it's limp and dainty, it's definitely Justin Bieber.

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