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Here's one thing we can expect from expectant mom Halle Berry once she's done expecting: She won't go MIA.

The actress famously went on a four-year hiatus after the birth of her daughter Nahla in 2008, choosing to withdraw from the Hollywood spotlight in order to savor the joys of being a first-time parent.

Flash-forward five years later, and the 46-year-old actress once again has on the baby way, as she an fiancé Olivier Martinez await the arrival of their first child together, a son.

But this time around, don't expect the Oscar winner to pull a disappearing act once the baby is born.

Berry exclusively tells E! News that she vows to continue taking on movie roles postbaby.

"Well, one thing is for sure: I better keep working!" she quipped during a stopover in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to promote her new movie The Call. "With another baby on the way, Mama cannot take time off!"

In other words, Mama's gotta pay the bills!

Kidding aside, the star explains that she's approaching Baby No. 2 with a workaholic vigor.

"I think that when I had my first child, my daughter, I took off a good four years because it was something new to me," she says. "It was my first time, it was something I tried really hard to do...This time, when I have the baby, I'll keep walking!"

As for the kinds of projects she plans to accept?

"I don't think being a mother now should affect my choices as an artist," she tells us. "There are a certain things I do that my kids should not see."

That said, Berry looks forward to continue pursuing a range of rich and meaningful roles, spinning performances that her children can appreciate in due time.

"I don't think being a mom now makes me only wanna do Disney movies and not do great R-rated films," she notes. "Those are things they are gonna see in a proper time in life"

 —Reporting by E! Brazil

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