Rihanna Inspires Pantless Hockey Pride in New Photo Meme Called (What Else?) Rihannaing

Ottawa's Senators got a little support from their "Diamonds" pop star on her Instagram

By John Boone Apr 10, 2013 7:43 PMTags
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We can't remember the last time we were this interested in hockey (probably never?). So thanks Rihanna! You deserve the Stanley Cup! Or a gold plated statue in your honor! Or something!

The "Diamonds" songstress posted a sultry Instagram wearing an Ottawa Senators jersey and sexy heels along with the caption, "Rude gyal!!!"

Hockey fans jumped to mimic the photo in their own jerseys and thus was born #rihannaing. We know what you're thinking: The photo meme craze has gotten a little out of hand. Definitely. But we support anything that doesn't require wearing pants.


"#Rihannaing: The only way to get the #Sens out of their slump." - @BonksMullet


"I guess we need this now more than ever. #Rihannaing #instantregret" - @CassiieD


"#Rihannaing Belleville in the house!" - @Brashman


"Just an average Tuesday night.... #Rihannaing with my Chicken McNuggets." - @MsJessicaDobson


"Reluctant #Rihannaing (it's not just for people any more)." - @JoNana

Now, you know what happens next: If the Ottawa Senators suck, it's all Rihanna's fault and she will forever be blacklisted in the world of hockey and in Canada as a whole. "Keep your thighs to yourself, RiRi!" they'll scream.

Until then: Great thighs, everyone! And nice McNugs to that one girl. You got any BBQ sauce?