Olga Kurylenko Talks Kissing Ben Affleck, Feeling Safe With Tom Cruise

"Yeah, I had to. It's just so awful," Oblivion star tells E! News of locking lips with the Argo director

By Bruna Nessif Apr 10, 2013 2:43 AMTags

It must be tough to be Olga Kurylenko

In the former Bond girl's last two projects, her costars happened to be Ben Affleck and Tom Cruise—so we couldn't help but quiz the actress when she stopped by E! News today about what it was like working with two of Hollywood's hottest leading men. 

"Those guys are just great and I admire them as actors, and Ben is also a director and he's very successful as a director," she told hosts Terrence Jenkins and Giuliana Rancic

And when it came to locking lips with Affleck in Terrence Malick's latest opus, To the Wonder, Kurylenko joked, "Yeah, I had to. It's just so awful." (It's true, we feel so bad for her.)

Kurylenko's been busy traveling the world with Cruise to promote their sci-fi film Oblivion, and she admitted that having a guy like Cruise—aka the action-movie man—around makes her feel safe.

"When Tom is next to you, you feel like you're in good hands and nothing bad is gonna happen to you," she said. "Certain things can be quite—all those action scenes and when you're dealing with machines and speed and a lot of spinning—could be a bit terrifying but…I look and I thought, 'Tom Cruise is sitting right next to me. Nothing is gonna happen.'"

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