Farrah Abraham Sex Tape: Chrissy Teigen, Meghan McCain Slam Teen Mom Star as "Stupid and Trashy"

"Absolutely sickened at the fact that idiot teen mom commissioned her own sex tape and is pretending to be confused/distraught. EFF YOU," Teigen tweets

By Rebecca Macatee Apr 09, 2013 10:34 PMTags
Farrah Abraham, Meghan McCain, Chrissy TeigenJim Spellman/Amanda Edwards/WireImage

For better or for worse, Farrah Abraham has attracted a whole lot of attention with that sex tape of hers.

While the former Teen Mom's partner in amateur porn, James Deentold E! News that making the tape with Abraham was "very amazingly awesome," the reactions to her XXX-move from the general public haven't been quite so complimentary.

Model Chrissy Teigen and blogger Meghan McCain, for starters, aren't buying into any why-are-people-so-disrespectful complaints from Abraham.

"Absolutely sickened at the fact that idiot teen mom commissioned her own sex tape and is pretending to be confused/distraught. EFF YOU," Teigen tweeted Tuesday.

"Seriously. This is what we have come to," she went on. "This idiot from teen mom feels such hunger for fame and money and WE AS PEOPLE WILL EMPOWER HER."

McCain agreed with John Legend's fiancée, retweeting her and writing, "@chrissyteigen I just don't understand how as a culture we now reward teen pregnancies and sex tapes while so many teachers and veterans go…without any accolades or rewards. It's incredibly depressing."

"I wish America would start rewarding the real role models in this country like teachers and veterans, not teen moms making sex tapes," Sen. John McCain's daughter added.

"Don't buy this s--t don't watch that s--t," Teigen reiterated, kicking off a veritable Twitter novella. "This is not the kind of world I want to live in. END OF TIMES. This hunger for fame makes me sick."

"Get a talent/job you stupid piece of trash," she continued. "Fame should not be as easy as an unplanned pregnancy and commissioned porno. If you wanna be a porn star be a porn star. I don't even shame that. At least that's who they are and they can admit it."

"I wish I was around for the stars of the past," Teigen further lamented. "When it was glamorous and mysterious. It must be insane for them to see what we have come to."

"Teen Mom porn star, YOU are why I'm afraid to have children," she added, noting, "I don't hate on reality stars. A lot of them capitalize wisely, have huge empires now & work their asses off. But this chick infuriates me."

"I just want people to have bigger dreams than just fame," Chrissy fumed. "The doctors, the astronauts, the ballerinas the things we wanted when we were young. "And I know I am 'only a model'. Thank you for pointing that out. But I can speak too. And I'll say what I want."

"If you think this is the pot calling the kettle black, this pot doesn't sink quite so low," Teigen finally began to conclude. "Excuse me for calling her a stupid piece of trash. That was harsh. She is stupid and trashy and a HORRIBLE decision maker. Better?"

"WRITE A BOOK ON YOUR EXPERIENCE OR SOMETHING. HELP OTHERS. DO SOMETHING GOOD OH GOD I CAN'T STOP," she added before realizing that My Teenage Dream Ended by Farrah Abraham already existed. 

"Apparently she wrote a book," Teigen conceded. "God dammit. One point teen mom porn star."

"Anyway shout out to the hard workers with real jobs and careers who work their asses off," she wrote. "RESPECT. not f--king kidding."

Then Teigen started to attract her own set of haters, with one tweeting her, "your tweets r great don't get me wrong but your entire celebrity/fame is b/c of tweeter & finding a $ musician 2 propose."

"honey I was working and traveling the world making 6 figures before john," Teigen fired back, "but thanks for playing."