Rodney Allen Rippy

David Keeler/Getty Images

Rodney Allen Rippy is all grown up!

The former child star, whose adorable appearances in several classic commercials for Jack in the Box's "Jumbo Jacks" in the '70s made him a household name, is running for mayor of Compton, Calif.

The actor gained fame at the age of 6 when he appeared in a spot for the fast food chain trying to sink his little teeth into the mammoth burger and ended up spawning a national catchphrase when he mispronounced the tagline 'It's too big to eat,'" instead saying "It's too big-a-eat!"

Rippy became so popular he starred in another ad singing the tune "Take Life a Little Easier," which made it onto the Billboard music charts. Appearances on The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson as well as guest roles on TV series soon followed. He also stole the show as a presenter at the 1974 American Music Awards with Donny Osmond, Michael Jackson and fellow child actor Ricky Segall, announcing The Carpenters as Favorite Pop Group.

Now 44, the thesp still acts from time to time, like his brief cameo in David Spade's 2003 comedy, Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star; runs his own PR firm, Ripped Marketing Group; and works as the National Director of Marketing at Metro Networks, aka Westwood One.

And now Rippy has thrown his hat in the ring for Compton's upcoming mayoral election set for next Tuesday. He's established a campaign website and Facebook page asking for donations and promising to create more job investment, citywide beautification projects and community programs targeted at seniors and youth.

"A lot of people initially thought this was something that wasn't true, but it's really true," Rippy told Los Angeles station KABC. "And so I'm excited."

We wish him good luck.

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