Rihanna, Chris Brown


Rihanna and Chris Brown just can't make up their minds.

A source told E! News Monday afternoon that the tumultuous twosome had called it quits (again), but by Monday night, Breezy was backstage and in the VIP section at Ri's concert in L.A.

One concertgoer told E! News Chris, 23, got to the show at 8 p.m. and pulled up in a convertible with three other guys. "He got out and went to the tour bus," the concertgoer says. "I saw him knock on the door, go in for 10 seconds, and come right out."

"I was sure he was not trying to hide who he was," the concertgoer adds of Chris' entrance, noting that once he was inside the concert, "he was trying to stay low profile."

According to another attendee, Chris was "kicking it with his friends & chilling," wearing "all black—black hat, black shirt, black pants." He was moving and dancing with the songs, and "picked up energy" when Rihanna performed "We Found Love."

When Rihanna, 25, was about to sing "What Now," she addressed the crowd, asking how many people out there were in love. She then asked how many people didn't understand love.

"I'm in that group," she said. "The confused group."

No word on how C.B. reacted to that line. He did, however, leave just before the end of the show, most likely to beat traffic and swarms of fans.

According to People, Rihanna encouraged her fans to kick it up a notch, saying "Los Angeles, what the f--k? I live here now, so I know y'all can get ratchet."

Uh, swag?

—Additional reporting by Melanie Bromley

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