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Someone call the love doctor!

In today's Spoiler Chat, we've got scoop on several fan favorite couples viewers should maybe start worrying about come May finale time, including a duo on Hart of Dixie, a New Girl pairing and longstanding relationship on How I Met Your Mother! If romance isn't your thang, we've also got spoilers on True Blood, Glee, Parks and Recreation and more. So what are you waiting for? Dive on in for scoopy goodness!

@TeamNurseJackie: OK, spill. We all heard O'Hara leaves. Tell us that she leaves and returns?
O'Hara does leave the country right when Jackie is feeling especially vulnerable, so it's a very heartbreaking moment on Nurse Jackie. She doesn't stay gone for long, but her return isn't exactly in person. It would take a big once-in-a-lifetime event for O'Hara to come back to All Saints.

acwhitelovely: Any season finale scoop on Nick and Jess or Will and Alicia?
Would you believe us if we told you that Nick, Jess, Alicia and Will all go on vacation together to Cancun and Jess ends up falling in love with Alicia? No? OK, so we'll just stick to Nick and Jess on New Girl. We've already told you that Nick and Jess will have a very important one-on-one session during Cece's wedding in the finale, but you might also be interested in the fact that Jess will take issue with calling Nick her [spoiler]!

Aniela in Toronto: Bloody hungry for some True Blood spoilers!
Alexander Skarsgård tells us that they are currently halfway through shooting what he described as a "wild" season six. "There's war going on, and the humans on the show are actually becoming a threat to vampires like Eric," he says. Humans with the ability to take down someone like Eric? Now we're officially scared for our favorite vamps.

Silas: Can you tell us anything about the Tina and Blaine scene in this week's Glee?
Only that it happens at the end of the episode, and Tina-Blaine fans will want to GIF the crap out of it.


Cliff Lipson/CBS

Wilson: All I hear about is Ted, Robin and Barney on HIMYM. Gimme Lily and Marshall stuff!
Check out this picture from the April 15 episode. What in the what does Marshall think he's doing?! Don't worry, there's a twist with this scenario, and it involves the fact that Lily might up and move her family to Rome!

ampdalejr89:  Zoe and George scoop would be really, really, really, really, really nice! #HartofDixie #spoilerchat
Prepare for your ship to set sail again! "George is in a happy relationship for the first time in a long time and in comes Zoe Hart to try to ruin it all once again," Scott Porter teases. "So, things are going to get bumpy for George. And there's some more singing in the future and there might be a couple of kisses with people who aren't Tansy." Woah! So can we expect a juicy moment between George and Zoe? "I would say we're heading that way, yes!"

Britney in Los Angeles: You've mentioned before that April might be leaving the Parks department? I don't like that. Fix it. #PREX
Well, we can't fix the plotline as we are not writers on the show (though we may or may not have dabbled in some Ben and Leslie Parks and Rec fan fiction). But we can reveal what Aubrey Plaza told us about April's future. "April is about to get some crazy news. I think that's coming up really soon," she tells us. As in, baby news?! "I can't tell you what it is. But it's crazy news and she's very surprised by it." We'd love an April and Andy baby, but unfortunately, April will be destroying the town soon so that storyline is a wash. "Also, April summons the devil and the devil destroys the town of Pawnee," Plaza reveals. Looks like the Reasonabilists from season four were right all along.

Terri: Counting down the days until May 26, aka new Arrested Development episodes, aka the best day of the year! Do you have any more info on what's going on with the Bluths?
It is truly the most glorious time of the year when A.D. comes back into our lives. We just chatted with Jason Bateman about the new episodes, which will take place in real time, seven years after the last episode. He tells us that his character Michael "has not aged well," and he is "meek" and "almost as desperate as the rest of the family." That does not paint a pretty picture, considering that Michael is supposed to the anchor on that crazy Bluth ship.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullin, Tierney Bricker and John Boone

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