Glee Spoiler Bomb: 5 Things to Know About "Shooting Star"

We've seen this week's emotional episode and we're spilling scoop

By Jenna Mullins Apr 09, 2013 3:55 PMTags
GleeAdam Rose/FOX

This week's episode of Glee is a doozy. There's just no getting around that, and we knew we were in for an emotional roller coaster when we first laid eyes on the episode's logline. So would it help you Gleeks out there if we told you that we watched "Shooting Star," and we can adequately prepare you for what's ahead?

Well, we can only prep you so much without spoiling the entire episode, so we'll do what we can to make sure you guys are ready for one of the most unsettling episodes of Glee ever. Here are five things you need to know about "Shooting Star":

1. The "Unthinkable Event" Is Very Topical: A lot of you have probably guessed what happens in the episode, and trust us when we say that you'll never look at the choir room the same way again. Plus, there's a bonus topical storyline happening with one of the newbies in the glee club, but that one ends in a cliffhanger.

2. Love Is in the Air: There's at least one proclamation of love from one character to another.

3. Gone, Baby, Gone: Someone walks out of McKinley High, and might never walk back in again.

4. Your Favorites Will Pull Out Some Serious Acting: Chord Overstreet, Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch and Darren Criss will most likely make you feel like you've been punched straight in the heart with their performances in the episode. There's one particular scene with Will, Sam and Coach Beiste (Dot Marie Jones) that will slay you.

5. Sam and Brittany Move Forward: Sam makes a big gesture by episode's end to show Brit (Heather Morris) that he's very serious about her.

That's all we've got, folks. Are you guys ready for this week's Glee episode?