Fruitvale, The Great Gatsby

Courtesy of Rachel Morrison; Warner Bros.

Mary J. Blige may want no more drama, but when it comes to summer movies this year—you're all about it.

We've prepared a handy guide for you to catch all the must-see flicks in the genre.

Whether its Matt Damon playing a fighter for equality in the future in Elysium, an outlaw played by Casey Affleck making his way across Texas for lost loves in Ain't Them Bodies Saints, Octavia Spencer in the intense real-world tale of police shooting in Fruitvale, or Leonardo DiCaprio partying it up in 1920s New York against The Great Gatsby's Jay-Z-produced soundtrack, this year's litter of drama flicks makes for juicy popcorn-munching fare.

Which ones will you see first?

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