Captain America

Courtesy: Marvel Studios

Chris Evans is breaking out the red, white and blue.

Marvel Studios announced on Monday that production has officially begun in Los Angeles on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, with the actor reprising his title role from Captain America: The First Avenger.

Other filming locations will include Cleveland and Washington, D.C.

And to make the news even that more exciting, an image showing Evans with the character's iconic shield was released as well.

Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, the sequel will pick up where The Avengers left off, as Steve Rogers (Evans) struggles to embrace his role in the modern world and teams up with Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) to battle a powerful yet shadowy enemy in present-day Washington.

The cast will also feature Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders and Robert Redford as Agent Alexander Pierce.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is scheduled to hit theaters on April 4, 2014.

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