Pregnant Kate Middleton Not Having a Baby Shower—Here's Why!

Royals expert explains why the Duchess of Cambridge won't be indulging in that time-honored tradition

By Natalie Finn Apr 05, 2013 8:38 PMTags
Kate MiddletonChris Jackson-Pool/Getty Images

Who doesn't love a good baby shower, that time-honored tradition in which an expectant mom's lady friends and lady family members gather round to, well, shower her with gifts?

If we started counting the ways in which Kate Middleton and Prince William's son or daughter is going to be an exceptionally privileged little tyke, we would be counting all day, but Queen Elizabeth II's first great-grandchild isn't going to be feted with finger foods and a rattle-shaped cake before he or she gets here.

"The Brits don't do baby showers. It is not what they do," Victoria Arbiter, ABC's royals contributor and daughter of the queen's former press secretary Dickie Arbiter, explained to E! News.

"There is a little superstition involved," she added, pinpointing a major reason as to why many women—royal and civilian alike—choose not to count their diapers before they themselves have hatched.

"Plus, William and Kate are very well aware they are wealthy and they don't want anything," Arbiter said. "They can afford their own stuff."

And, oh, how we cannot wait to see their stuff!

—Reporting by Baker Machado