Dominic Purcell Dishes on Prison Break's Return and Being a Real-Life Hero

By Kristin Dos Santos Jan 11, 2008 9:59 PMTags
Dominic PurcellNancy Kaszerman/ZUMA Press

Dominic Purcell saved a baby’s life.

Wentworth Miller is afraid of something.

And we finally have something good again to watch on Monday nights. Boo-yah!

These are the juicy little nuggets I just scored from one Mr. Purcell himself, who rang me up today to chat about the long-awaited return of Fox’s Prison Break this Monday—just in freaking time to help cure January’s strike-induced TV blues.  

Dom just returned from an overseas trip in which—no joke—he and his brother saved a baby's life while in Ireland.

Read up on what Mr. Purcell says about that, Linc’s love life, the possibility of a spinoff and more…(Then check back in Monday’s Chat for more Prison Break scoop!)

Hey! Thanks so much for calling, Dom. How were your holidays?
They were great. I went to Paris to promote Prison Break, went to London, and in the meantime, I was saving babies’ lives...

Yeah, what is up with that? What happened?
My brother and I were traveling to the west coast of Ireland to surf, and we saw this lady on the side of the road screaming and freaking out. We pulled over, and she was holding her baby, and her baby was blue and not breathing and choking, obviously. And my brother and I did CPR, the whole nine yards, and it survived.

That's incredible. How do you know CPR?
I’ve got four kids. I’ve got to know that stuff. But what was really bizarre was after we brought the baby back to life, we were in some stranger's house on the side of the road where we called the ambulance, and the person in the house wanted my picture and autographs...It was just bizarre. [Laughs] My brother and I are superheroes. 

On- and offscreen, right?! Well, on behalf of all the Prison Break fans, bless you for being on a show that's coming back on the air. We need something good to watch right now!
I know. It’s pretty bad, right?

Yeah, so what can you tell me about the five new episodes?
Expect a breakout—and you can expect the usual suspects attempting to break out with Michael. A few of them make it, and a few of them are left behind.

I hear Linc might be getting some action?
Well, that’s f--king news to me, because Lincoln has yet to be laid! There’s a whole lot of jesting going on, but no action.

Well, I'm hearing Sofia starts pulling away from Whistler and getting closer to you…
Yes, that’s true. I definitely think Linc has a soft spot for Sofia and, likewise, her…So, we’ll plant a few seeds as to what may happen between the two of them. 

Word is you shot scenes on location in Florida, including some underwater stuff in the middle of the ocean. What was that like?
It was awesome. I loved it. And I’m gonna give you a little scoop. [Laughs] Wentworth and Bill Fichtner refused to go out there because they are scared of f--king sharks! But me and Whistler, Chris Vance, the two Australian he-men, decided we could deal with it, so we went out, and we were bobbing around in the middle of the Atlantic. It was fun. The water was warm, and apart from the occasional great white that came along, it was good.

You also have a big stunt scene involving a Panamanian bus that Lincoln commandeers…Are you the new Keanu?
I shot that in Dallas. It was a normal, crazy-ass stunt where Lincoln gets hold of a bus and crashes it through a bunch of telephone polls. 

There's a rumor the American woman who visits Michael this season is the subject of a spinoff called Cherry Hill. What do you think of that? Is a spinoff a good idea?
It depends who you talk to. If I talk to certain writers on the show, they're like, "No, there’s no such thing." And at one point they were trying to make it happen, but they couldn’t find the girl, so now Fox is done with that idea. So, it’s really up in the air.