What happens when Madea meets The Color Purple?

You get this hilarious parody video starring Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry!

The TV mogul and Madea movie franchise star have teamed up for a funny promo clip to promote Perry's upcoming new OWN series.

In the video, Perry (as Madea) drives up to Winfrey (as Sofia from The Color Purple) and asks for directions to OWN. "I'm looking for OWN," Perry cracks.

"All my life I had to fight," Winfrey says dramatically. "I had to fight to impress folks. I had to fight the ratings. I had to fight them haters."

Perry explains he's simply looking for which channel OWN is depending on his cable provider.

"I loves OWN," Winfrey says. "God knows I do. But I ‘aint going to let nobody beat me."

"You want a great cable channel, you find OWN like everybody else been doing," she says before stomping away.

Check out the parody for yourself!

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