Kelly Osbourne Talks Style at Lucky FABB Event: "I'm Called Queen of the Granny Girls and I Love It"

Fashion Police cohost dishes on her trademark purple hair and love of Chanel handbags

By Rose Curiel Apr 04, 2013 7:55 PMTags
Kelly Osbourne Courtesy: Donato Sardella/WireImage

Fashionistas, including our own Kelly Osbourne, flocked to Los Angeles' SLS Hotel today for Lucky Magazine's Fashion and Beauty Blog Conference. The Fashion Police cohost took the time to open up about her signature style and fashion must-haves as one of the conference's fab panelists.

Of course, one can't talk about Osbourne's style without addressing her most distinctive feature: those lovely lavender locks. So, why exactly does the bright-hued star rock the head-turning look? Turns out, she has to.

"I'm contracted to this hair color," she told us. "I can't change it for two years. I wanted to go green, but was told I wouldn't be able to work anymore." 

But that doesn't mean Osbourne dislikes her pretty purple strands—and that she hasn't picked up a few fans for sporting her one-of-a-kind look.

"In England, I'm called queen of the granny girls and I love it!" she gushed. "My hair is a mix of gray, blue [and] lavender. It's hard to get this color; you have to have blond hair to get the right shade." (Sorry, brunettes!)

As for the outfits that she pairs with her standout hair, Osbourne has a handful of designers that she remains loyal to, because they've always been nice to her no matter what her size. Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood, and Betsey Johnson are among her faves, but she has a particular soft spot for Chanel. Not only was she wearing a Karl Lagerfeld varsity jacket at the conference, but she revealed she treasures her collection of Chanel accessories.

"I have Chanel handbags and I never wear them," she admited. "I never wear them. I make music videos in my apartment modeling them. I don't want to ruin them. They make me happy." We wonder, does Karl know about this? The videos could make for a Chanel campaign as unique as Osbourne's colored mane. 

And though Kelly has a collection of Chanel bags, she's still got helpful advice for those shopping on a budget. "Put your money in your handbags and shoes and one nice blazer and everything else can be vintage and high-street and no one will know," she explained.

Cool purple hair, an awesome collection of chic accessories, plus budget-friendly shopping tips? One thing's for sure: The Fashion Police cohost has a style all her own. But whom does she credit as her biggest style inspiration? Sharon Osbourne. "She taught me so much about fashion. She taught me how to dress," Kelly says of her mom. Awww!

—Reporting by Jennifer Chan