Brawl. Rinse. Repeat.

The directive definitely seems to have washed over Chelsea Handler and Conan O'Brien as they stripped down to their birthday suits in the shower for a hilariously nude-and-crude sketch on Chelsea Lately Wednesday night.

In it, the late-night chums bicker about Chelsea's studio set, which Conan says used to be his.

"This is my studio—you stole it, remember?" he complains. "Plus, I still have the key."

From there, the exchange devolves into a wacky verbal melee involving parking spaces, a back massager and accusations that Chelsea's actually a man. (Even Joan Rivers gets a healthy ribbing somewhere there.)

Finally, Chelsea taunts Conan to whack her—yep, naked and in the shower—and, well, you just gotta see the rest for yourself.

A soap opera, indeed!

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