Spoiler Chat: True Blood, Sons of Anarchy, The Office

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The countdown to summer is officially on!

In today's Spoiler Chat, we've got juicy bites on the new season of True Blood—courtesy of the HBO hit's hunky werewolf—that will have you howling that it's not June yet! If you're looking for timelier scoop, there's inside info on The Office's series finale, a fan favorite's return on The Following and how Glee will address a real-life pregnancy.

Plus, we've got scoop on Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones and more...

Romy: I hear Heather Morris might be pregnant. Is there any chance they would write that into a Glee episode?
In our humble opinion, a Brittany pregnancy storyline possibility is about slim to none, but with Glee, we can't rule anything out completely. However, we're more concerned about Dianna Agron's new hairdo. So let us answer your question with another question: Does Agron's new dye job mean Quinn won't appear at all in the final two episodes, or are they writing some new Quinn stuff that involves her becoming a red head? These are the questions that keep us up at night.

Peter G.: Any chance you'll give up some Sons of Anarchy spoilers?
Perfect timing, because we just chatted with the cast and creator of SoA at FX's Upfront event last week, and we got some good scoop that unfortunately we have to hoard for right now. But since we like your face so much, we'll give this little nugget up: Kurt Sutter reminded us very clearly that there isn't one person he's afraid to kill off the show. Series regular, recurring characters and guest stars: be warned!

Trisha: Loved the fake Spoiler Chat on April Fool's! But seriously, can I get some Office finale scoop?
What, you didn't believe our Michael Scarn St. Elsewhere theory? Fair enough. How about we let executive producer Ben Silverman described the finale to you "The show's final episode is so deep and moving and emotional and textured," he gushes to us. "It is a kitchen sink of incredible stories coming to an end, or to a next phase. All the characters that you love are going through their journey, and we complete a lot of the arcs that we set up in the show, and there are things going on with all of them."

The Following Cast

Michael Lavine/FOX

Karen in Denver: Two things from a Following fan: When is Mike Weston coming back, and is it true that he's a follower of Joe's?
Prepare for an itemized response. 1. Mike Weston returns in the next episode, which takes place a mere four days after his abduction. So, he won't be as emotionally or physically ready as he wants to be. 2. We asked Shawn Ashmore the very same question about the possibility of him being a follower, and here is what he had to say: "I can't promise anything! Anything is possible. You never know what's going to happen on this show." Don't break our hearts, Weston! To hear more from Ashmore about Mike's return to the case, check back Monday for our exclusive interview with him!

Naomi: True Blood!!! #fangbanger
Sorry, fans of Sookie and Alcide's will they/won't they tension, because the pack master is totally playing the field this season. "Alcide is now the pack master, which means he has lots of dating options," Joe Manganiello tells us on the set of his new campaign for Magnum Gold ice cream. "It's good to be the pack master! I remember I asked the producer, ‘What do pack masters do all day?' And they're like, ‘They get all the were-bitches!'" But being the leader of the pack won't be all girls and more girls. He's actually got to take charge of the group. "They're an unruly bunch; they're werewolves. So keeping them in line is a difficult job that Alcide never wanted." And now, for the best scoop of all: How naked will Joe be this season? "I'm True Blood naked!" he assures us. Thank our lucky stars.

Erika: Mad Men premiere scoop? I know you have some.
It's really ironic that Jay Leno's Tonight Show retirement news broke this week, because the Mad Men premiere on Sunday has a very specific Tonight Show shout-out from Peggy. But it's not a nice shout-out whatsoever.

Devin: Super bummed my favorite character Arya wasn't in the Game of Thrones premiere! What gives?!
Fret not, the Stark fan favorite returns in episode two, and is awesome, per usual. Also making their first appearance? Jaime and Brienne, whose scenes are some of the best throughout the next three episodes. This odd couple makes for brilliant TV, no?

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Marc Malkin

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