Chris Brown, Justin Bieber

Lester Cohen/Getty Images for Topshop Topman; Tony DiMaio/

Chris Brown and Justin Bieber have something in common—at least that's what Breezy says.

While doing a radio interview for Power 105.1's "Breakfast Club" earlier today, the performer drew a connection between his treatment in the media and the struggles Biebs has been encountering,

When asked how he deals with the paparazzi and media, Chris said, "It's sorta like what Justin Bieber's going through right now."

Brown continued, "With him, it's just a case of how I feel. Being young, having a limitless amount of income, whatever you wanna do as a young guy, and then at the same time, you don't have nobody that's gonna say, ‘Hey, bro, you look wack right now.'"

But Brown said that he had people who could speak that way to him, and he suggests that he thinks Bieber does as well. "For me, I had the people that said it and it got through eventually, but I think right now, his team is wonderful."

But Brown did have some issues with the media attention on Bieber's friend Lil Twist

"I feel like the mainstream media—and I don't care, I ain't in it, this my own thing I'm gonna say about it—I just feel like they're gonna target the little black boys around him and say, 'Hey, so this is why he's doing it,'" Brown said, adding that he's glad he doesn't hang around Bieber because he thinks blame would have been put on him.

Regardless, Brown understands Bieber's current situation because it's familiar ground and says, "I pray for him, I pray for myself. I think we both go through it because we're great artists and he's a big artist to his fans."

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