Shia LaBeouf is not shying away from talking about his recent departure from Broadway's Orphans.

While chatting it up with David Letterman on Monday's The Late Show, the actor explained that he and former costar Alec Baldwin definitely had issues with each other.

"I'm pretty passionate and impulsive, and he's a very passionate individual as well, and I think that impulsiveness and passion make for some fireworks," said LaBeouf.

The Transformers star, who posted a bizarre email exchange between him, Baldwin and director Daniel Sullivan after leaving the production, added that he and Baldwin "had tension, as men. Not as artists, but as men. In a room, that became hard to deal with."

When the subject of "creative differences" came up as the reason originally given for his departure, LeBeouf noted: "I think that's what you gotta say as sort of a business-savvy answer for what actually happened."

But he was quick to note that "[Baldwin] is a good dude and the show is terrific. I got nothing bad to say."

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After Letterman expressed his hope for a reconciliation between the two, LeBeouf proceeded to look into the camera and said, "Alec, I think you're awesome, man."

The actor also talked to E! News' Alicia Quarles, saying that Twitter gives you "enough rope to hang yourself now if you want."

See the interview below.

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