Thandie Newton certainly seems like a well-mannered lady, but there's a devilish prankster within her!

On Monday's Chelsea Lately, the 40-year-old actress admitted to playing some dirty—well, downright s--ty!—pranks with poop as a young girl growing up in England.

The Rogue star said she and a friend used to go horseback riding every weekend. Before getting in the saddle, they would "buy a handbag" with their pocket money, then "give Bronco [the horse] his supper."

"Bronco would automatically do a nice big, you know, poo! And we'd scoop that hot, fresh horses--t into the bag," Thandie said.

"That's an investment—to go and buy a bag," Chelsea quipped, but Thandie quickly explained that the purchase "was fully worth it!"

"Then you leave the handbag on the side of the road and you hide in the bushes," she went on. "And someone will come by—it's very satisfying! You have to wait for a certain amount of time and that sort of builds the anticipation."

"And someone comes along. It's always really sweet people walking home, [and they're like,] 'Oh my goodness! It's a handbag dropped by some sweet old lady. This is terrible,'" she said. "They pick it up, they open it to see if they can find identification, and at that moment you scream from the bushes, 'S--t handbag!"


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