Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon Sing Duet Parodying Tonight Show Rumors—Watch the Full Clip!

Funnymen team up to poke fun at the gossip over Fallon taking over Leno's perch next year

By Josh Grossberg Apr 02, 2013 1:08 PMTags

For anyone who missed Monday night's bit that saw Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon join forces to address The Tonight Show succession rumors by performing their version of the classic West Side Story duet "Tonight," the full video is now online.

The clip starts with Jay wrapping up his show and heading into his dressing room amid staffers badgering him about the fate of NBC's late-night staple. It then seamlessly cuts to Jimmy in his office two minutes before he's scheduled to go on receiving a call from his mentor.

"Hey kid…how ya holdin' up?" asks Leno.

"OK, I guess. You?" wonders Fallon.

"Yeah, I'll live," replies The Tonight Show host. "I've been through this before, you know. Got to admit I'm getting sick of all this."

Despite the chatter that their bosses at the peacock network plan to have Fallon take over for Leno when the latter's contract is up next year, the two reaffirm they're still friends and launch into the parody.

"Tonight, Tonight, who's gonna host Tonight / Is it gonna be Jimmy or Jay /Tonight, Tonight, where will they tape Tonight / In New York or will it stay in L.A.?" sings Jimmy. 

Chimes in Jay: "Tonight, Tonight, my ratings were all right / 20 years still in first place / Tonight, Tonight, I've got Fox on the line / Or maybe I could take over for Dave."

Of course, that last line is a nod to the options Leno has once he exits Tonight, like the rumor he could start his own 11:35 p.m. program on Fox, which doesn't have a late-night talk show.

The clip concludes with the two funnymen bidding each other a bittersweet goodbye: Leno wishes him a good show, and Fallon thanks him.