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Good morning, TV fans. Time for your daily dose of scoop!

In Today's Spoiler Chat, we've got inside info on a shady new character coming to stir up trouble on Glee, a conflicted fan favorite's journey on Game of Thrones this season and The Following's finale that's sure to make your jaw drop! We've also got scoop on two recently resurrected series: Arrested Development and The Killing. Plus, there are also spoilers on Teen Wolf, 2 Broke Girls and more!

Cassie: So happy Jay Ryan made it to the third round of Alpha Male Madness! Beauty and the Beast scoop to celebrate would be great if you've got it!
A handsome and strong new man is coming to town to shake things up! Fans will meet Lt. Hart in the penultimate episode of the season and he's not to be messed with, as he's a deadly special operative whose been hardened by a decade of seeing it and destroying it. Hmmm…perhaps he has some knowledge of a certain secret government program?

Beth: Loved the Game of Thrones premiere! Any scoop on my fictional boyfriend Jon Snow?!
Prepare to see Jon Snow even more conflicted thanks to his respect for Wilding leader Mance Rayder. "Mance is so charismatic and intriguing to Jon that it's the first element of Jon not feeling like he's been told the truth about this band of people and this man," Kit Harington teases. "He starts to feel his emotions twisted about whether or not he wants to be a part of the Night's Watch."

Lisa: Any Glee scoop you have that's not about any of the couples would be oh so lovely!
Rachel isn't the only Glee kid looking to make moves in her career (she's all about Funny Girl when the Fox hit returns). Fans will be meeting Martin in the episode before the finale and he just so happens to be a very important British music producer. Too bad he's also very shady.

Kevin: Any finale teases for The Following?
"Seriously, expect the unexpected, and you've literally just seen the tips of the iceberg at this point," Nico Tortorella teases. "Anything messed up that you think you've seen, you haven't seen anything yet." Basically, start your prayer circles now!

Mireille Enos, Joel Kinnaman, The Killing

Cate Cameron/AMC

Emilee: Could not be more excited about The Killing coming back from the dead! Any more info on the new season?
Why, yes! We have the official synopsis for season three right here: "Season three begins one year after the close of the 'Rosie Larsen' case (the focus of the series' first two seasons) with Sarah Linden no longer working as a detective. But when her ex-partner Stephen Holder's search for a runaway girl leads him to discover a gruesome string of murders that connects to a previous murder investigation by Linden, she is drawn back into the life she thought she'd left behind." Intriguing, no?

Janice: Just 63 days until Teen Wolf returns!  Yes, I am counting and yes, I want scoop!
Prepare to see one of your favorite characters show off their musical skills. OK, fine, it's Danny, who we learn is actually part of the school band and performs at a school assembly later in the season. Too bad the school assembly is held after a less-than-ideal event goes down. (Hint: The instrument he plays starts with the letter T.)

Chris: May is still too far away for me to wait for new Arrested Development episodes. Help me pass the time with some spoilers, eh?
The lovely Jessica Walters filled us in on the differences between the show that was on Fox and the show that will be on Netflix. "There's not a lot of difference except that each [episode] is like anthology series," she tells us. "So, it's 'Michael: Part One,' 'Michael: Part Two,' 'Lucille: Part One.' Everything else is a big secret. Each of the nine characters has their own episode, some of them have two, and we all cross over into each other's episode." Oh, and there is one more big difference, according to Walters. "The writing is better than ever!"

Vickie: Yay for 2 Broke Girls getting another season! Let's celebrate with some scoop!
In the season finale, the girls find a way to make some good money in a quick way that does not involve nudity. Caroline finds a buyer for all her expensive couture clothing she still has, but it's something in Max's possession that the buyer is willing to pay top dollar for. Unfortunately, Max won't give it up without a fight, which of course does not make Caroline happy at all. Do we smell a season-finale girl fight?

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Tierney Bricker 

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