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Wiz Khalifa is a "Work Hard, Play Hard" kind of guy. But take a gig away from him, he's a lawsuit kind of guy.

The 25-year-old rapper otherwise known as Cameron Jibril Thomaz is suing promoter It's My Party and Seth Hurwitz, for allegedly damaging his reputation after it pulled the plug on a concert less than 24 hours before he was scheduled to perform.

Wiz Khalifa's attorney Jeffrey Marks confirms to E! News that the rapper is asking for $1 million in damages.

"It was unfortunate that my client had no other recourse than to file a lawsuit. They canceled at the last possible moment, which caused the most damage to my client. It's regrettable that the promoter chose to cancel the concert, but that is something that they did; they were under a contractual duty to have the concert performed," the attorney told E! News, claiming that his client suffered significant damage as a result of the cancelled concert because "other concerts that could have been held in other venues, but we withheld having those concerts because the promoter said we would be having a concert on that day."

Per court documents filed in a U.S. District Court in Virginia and obtained by E! News, the plaintiff alleges that It's My Party scrapped Khalifa's Dec. 6, 2012 show at Virginia's George Mason University, breaching its contract without paying him the money he's due.

"There is no reason why these fans would be cognizant of the concert promoter or that it was the promoter who was responsible for the cancellation of the concert. Rather, what was foreseeable is that the fans would assume that [Khalifa] was responsible for the cancellation, making him the obvious focus of fans' disappointment," read the court documents.

Lawyers for It's My Party were unavailable for comment, however, the defendents filed a motion to dismiss, claiming that the contract was not valid because it was not signed.

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