The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead season finale may be over, but the heated debates about that episode rage on. Some people loved saying goodbye to Andrea; others had hoped to see her stab a certain Governor in his one remaining eyeball. Quite a few folks were hoping for a bigger war, while still other fans were more than satisfied to see Rick & Co. trounce the couple-dozen folks who dared to attack the prison.

Nowhere was the debate more heated than over at our own Google+ Walking Dead chat last night. One of the more passionate arguments: Whether Carl (Chandler Riggs) is turning into the next Shane. On Sunday, the adolescent shot a kid who was trying to surrender to him, and disapproved of Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) decision to take in Woodbury refugees.

"Carl was 100% right in my opinion," Tamara Smith said. "The focus should be on what the Governor will do to retaliate, especially since Rick knows he's not dead."

Other fans had been hoping for a long-awaited hookup between Carol (Melissa McBride) and Daryl (Norman Reedus).

"They just need to lock themselves in a cell and go at it!!" Annette Castillo quipped.

"I think a good power couple would be Daryl and Michonne," Kem Alimole rejoined. "They would probably glare at each other for a while before making a move."

The biggest complaint from the Google+ community? Well, that was obvious: Having to hang on until the next season.

"HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WAIT TIL OCTOBER???" Jen from the Block wailed.

We're with you on that one.

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