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It finally happened: The scrum we were waiting for! Zombies running amok! Humans dropping like flies! Those humans then turning into fresh zombies and running amok all over again! Did we say goodbye to any regulars during this much anticipated season finale? Sadly, yes. Was it the person you most wanted to die? Um...probably?

Let us explain in our brand-new finale recap!


Oh No! Not Milton! We open with the Governor (David Morrissey) whallupin' Milton (Dallas Roberts) for burning the Gov's pet zombies. Milton still manages to scold his former friend for his ruthless tactics (you go, nerdling!), before getting thrown into Andrea's (Laurie Holden) cell. The good news: the Gov doesn't seem interested in torturing Andrea anymore. Bad news: That's ‘cause the Gov wants Andrea dead instead! He insists that Milton do the wetwork or the gentle researcher will never see the light of day again. Milton balks, making a bid to stab the Gov with the knife he's handed. But the bid backfires, and the Governor stabs Milty in the stomach. Note we didn't say the head.

Tyreese and Sasha Are Clutching Pearls Again: As the Gov rallies his troops out in the streets of Woodbury, Tyreese (Chad Coleman) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) say they'd rather stay behind and guard the kids. The Gov agrees, but something tells us that he won't forget the slight.

Finally! Somebody Invades Somebody! And it's the Gov, of course—he, Allen (Daniel Thomas May), Martinez (Jose Pablo Cantillo) and his other goons crash the prison, armed with assault rifles. But it's quiet. Too quiet. That's because Rick & Co. booby trapped the place with zombies. The Woodbury invasion team is then forced to race out the front door again...where Team Prison is waiting to shoot them all dead. The Governor, being the Governor, escapes.

Carl Gets All Kinds of Hard: A kid from Woodbury tries fleeing into the woods after the botched invasion. He tries to surrender to Carl, but Rick's son caps the kid unnecessarily instead. Later, Rick tries to school Carl on why the shooting was wrong, but the zombie war has taken its toll on the boy's young soul, and the lesson doesn't seem to sink in.

And Then The Gov Just Loses It: Back on the road, the Gov halts his convoy and insists they all turn around and give the invasion another go. The recruits balk...and the Gov turns his gun on the lot of them. Only two goons are left standing by the Gov after the slaughter, trusty sociopath Martinez among them.

Andrea Leaves Us Valiantly: Rick & Co. high-tail it to Woodbury, some of the Gov's former recruits in tow. They don't find the Gov, but they do discover Andrea. The outlook isn't good. Milty had just come back as a biter, and taken out a huge chunk of Andrea's neck. The prognosis: Obvious. Michonne (Danai Gurira) stays with her friend until the sad end.

And the Prison Just Got a Little Fuller: A bus full of Woodbury refugees shows up at the prison and Rick accepts them. Sure, many of the refugees are kinda old, and run the risk of dying in their sleep and turning into a platoon of fresh walkers right in the middle of their fortified bunker. But really. Technicalities. What could possibly go wrong?

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