And so the week comes to an end, just when we couldn't handle hearing one more thing about Kim Jong Un's weight gain (he wants to name the baby North?!), or Kim Kardashian's plan to destroy America. But let's take a moment to revisit the happier times we had—mesmerized by GIFs like gasoline rainbows, entranced by the Lucinda Grande-ness of tweets--if for any reason, in the name of good, old-fashioned escapism.

VS Stodden U


Here's what we found next to Justin Bieber in the reject bin at Victoria's Secret.

We gave you an Anne Hathaway's vagina to cry on. And this is what we get in return??

T-Mobile got just what it needed, another vaudevillian cell phone thief.

Cher's getting a ton of work done this week!  We know because she Twarted.

We almost went with Mango Madness, but decided instead on GIFs.

Your older self will be so mad when it learns that you wasted an hour on this!

Is that a tweet in E L James's pocket or does she just always need to be sexual?

Special guest Art Mann stopped by to do red carpet interviews for the Soup Awards. He wasn't disappointed at all!

Pretty sad, but there's still a huge stigma attached to 40-something mountain lions.


Patrick GIF


The Human Rights Campaign's red equal sign swept all of social media! Marriage equality is all about love, and reminding people that bacon is your "thing".

Starfish have complex nervous systems. But Patrick the Starfish just has a complex life (cue theme music). 

And finally, no one was less ready for his close-up than Mac daddy and user Kim Jong Un

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