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Yes, Chris Brown said "no" when asked if he was still dating Rihanna.

It's just that he said that months ago, not this morning as a tweet from L.A.'s Power 106 led many to believe. "Are you still w/Rihanna? @Chris Brown: 'Uh, no-that's the short answer," the station tweeted (and has since deleted).

Before Brown's new interview with the morning show Big Boy's Neighborhood, the station played a snippet of his last sit-down with them to drum up anticipation for what he would say today, hence the confusion.

"Chris Brown's comment of that he's not with Rihanna was from when Chris was here last, which Big Boy used to set up the question he asked Chris this morning," a station rep confirmed to E! News.

So, what did he have to say about Rihanna—his collaborator in music and beyond—today?

"The last time you came into the Neighborhood, did you lie to us?" Big Boy teased, regarding Brown's "uh, no."

"I plead the Fifth!" the singer insisted. "Nah, I didn't lie to you, man. I just didn't tell all the truth."

Asked when the last time was that he saw Rihanna, Brown told Big Boy (today, to be clear), "Man, it's been a minute though, 'cause I haven't had a chance to go out there on the tour yet, 'cause I've been working, but I seen her right before she went out." Rihanna is currently on her Diamonds World Tour.

"Are you in love, Chris?" Big Boy asked.

"Huh?" Brown laughed, feigning ignorance. "I'm a lover, man. Definitely in love." He said he's going to try to fly out and catch a couple of Rihanna's shows.

"I think mystery is key, that's why half the time I don't get on my Twitter, I don't even have an Instagram no more," Brown mused about it being difficult to carry on a relationship in the public eye. "So, it's like the mystery is in the music and the magic, so whatever my talent is, I want them [the media] to focus on that, so I can be able to do more personal stuff. I know the paparazzi are gonna be there, but they ain't gonna know, know, know."

OK, so no breakup news here. Nothing left to see! (But Big Boy will have more from his interview with Brown airing Monday, plus the premiere of Breezy's new song.)

—Reporting by Holly Passalaqua

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