Chris Guerra

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New details have emerged in the case of Chris Guerra, the photographer who was killed while attempting to snap a picture of who he presumably thought was Justin Bieber behind the wheel of the pop star's white Ferrari, which had been pulled over for a routine traffic stop on New Year's Day. (Bieber was not driving or otherwise in the car.)

His family's attorney was set to announce during a press conference today that they had learned that another car had struck Guerra and fled in a hit-and-run, E! News confirmed. They were asking for any information on the vehicle or driver. 

"The police did not tell us or the public of this. They did tell us much later," a cousin of Guerra's named Melinda told us.

Authorities never suggested in their initial comments about the accident that Guerra was hit by more than one vehicle, the driver of which—a 69-year-old woman—pulled over afterward and was said to have cooperated with authorities. She has not faced any charges.

The new information led Guerra's family to question whether or not there is more information being withheld from them by law enforcement, especially after the way they found out about Guerra's death, Melinda said.

"When we found out that a paparazzi had been killed in L.A., we were worried as Chris did not answer his cell," she told E! News. "So we repeatedly called LAPD asking for the identity of the photog. They knew our contact info everything but refused to tell us.

"Why? We found out that our beloved Chris was dead on the news. We saw his hat and shoe on the road in the news. Later in the news someone said Chris' name. That is how we—his family—were notified."

The 29-year-old freelancer had pulled over on Sepulveda Boulevard near the Getty Center Drive exit of the 405 Freeway to photograph the traffic stop, according to the LAPD. He was crossing Sepulveda heading eastward, away from the traffic stop, when he was hit by a 2007 Toyota Highlander that was traveling south at about 5:50 p.m. Guerra was taken by ambulance to nearby Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead at 6:20 p.m.

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