Videos of loopy people leaving the dentist are like cute cat pictures: They don't all deserve to go viral, yet they no doubt will. It's the nature of the beast.

But that makes the videos that are worthy of their viralness all that more special. Take, for example, this girl.

"I deserve the pain. I took lives," a sobbing Abbie Kritz laments about her wisdom teeth, which she claims were taken against her will. "They were just trying to help me chew. And I didn't accept them."

Bonus points for what (seems to be) a drug-induced diss: "I have mascara all over my eyes," Abbie notices at one point. "I look like Rachel."

Burn! Suck it, Rachel!

We've watched the video a handful of times already and have concluded that it's definitely worthy of being forwarded around to your coworkers or uploaded to your Facebook news feed. And moms, yes, this is one you should email to your kids.

On the scale of viralness, we'd have to say it falls somewhere between "David After Dentist"...

...and Chaddy, who just wanted some Panda Express but was too worried about the second coming of the Great Depression.

And remember, nothing says love like exploiting your friends and family for YouTube hits.

Seriously. Keep 'em coming. And also pass the laughing gas. Let's get this weekend started early!

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