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Look out, Gwyneth Paltrow! Pippa Middleton is trying to swoop in on your Goop game.

Up until now, has Paltrow pretty much had a lock on celebrity-doled tips to leading a bougie lifestyle, but it looks like she's facing a little competition from Kate Middleton's little sister.

Following her poorly received party-planning book Celebrate, Pippa is taking another stab at helping us commoners entertain with her new Waitrose Kitchen food column, which debuted today.

So, how do these two food-loving gals stack up against one another?

Well, for starters, both London-dwelling ladies offer Asian-centric recipes, with Pippa showing us how to make Vietnamese spring rolls, an omelette sushi and even hoison duck rolls. Fancy! Paltrow, on the other hand, offers kid-friendly Japanese chicken meatballs and a healthy Thai style chicken burger. Yum!

While Gwyneth has received her fair share of criticism for being out of touch with the realities of everyday people (like, say, when she recommends more than $450,000 worth of spring wardrobe items), we actually appreciate the fact that the her recipes, which she concocted with friend Julia Turshen, focus on eating "cleaner and healthier, without sacrificing any flavor or satisfaction."

Meanwhile, Pippa gives us such gems as "Fridays, of course, hold the promise of the weekend but also, being far enough from pre-Monday melancholy, feel freer." Not exactly mind-blowing.

Plus, Gwyneth offers handy full-course meal recipes, while Pippa shares more bite-size options, which have left many hungry for more substantial suggestions.

Sorry, Pippa, but it looks like Gwynie's still the queen of luxury lifestyle.


Which foodie do you prefer? Gwyneth or Pippa? 

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