Jennifer Hudson

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

Jennifer Hudson is passing her healthy ways on to her 3-year-old son David Jr.

The Oscar-winner, who's gotten super slim and fit with the help of Weight Watchers (we're talking 80 pounds, people!), says she and husband David Otunga absolutely teach her little one how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

"From the example we've set, he's very conscious," Hudson, 31, said at the Weight Watchers 50th Anniversary event in NYC. "Like if he wants an extra snack he'll sneak over, ‘Can I have an extra cookie?' Because he already knows I only have a limit…I can only have so much."

Hudson says little David even makes his own healthy food choices.

"The first thing he asks for in the morning is, ‘Can I have a banana?'" she continued. "When I was a kid, ‘What? I don't want a banana.' I didn't think of those things because it wasn't before me or I didn't have that example, whereas, he does."

"Now he's watching and I'm setting the example for him, this is part of what made me do this," Hudson says of the weight loss program. "And so that's what I have to do, set a healthy example, lead a healthy lifestyle to set the example for him because he's watching."

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