Angie Miller, American Idol

Michael Becker / FOX

So far, Angie Miller has kept us hangin' on.

But on tonight's American Idol, the judges' darling turned in a far more polarizing performance, her rocker-chick (and yet still theatrical) version of the Miracles' "Shop Around" proving "strange" for Randy Jackson.

"It's the first time ever that I've seen you on this show have such a pitchy perfomrance. I don't know if you couldn't hear in your ears, or whatever, or was it the right key...You're usually so right on, it was not right on tonight. It was not great tonight."

Then Mariah Carey started going on and on about how lovely and sexy Angie looked ,and how great it was that she got to sit down with guest mentor Smokey Robinson to prepare for Motown Night, etc. You get the drift. Mariah wanted Angie at the piano, singing "I'll Be There," relaxed, blah-blah...

Basically, she didn't care for tonight's performance, either.

"For me, what it was is, the song—and it's a great song, Smokey, by the way—i think the melody kept pulling you down," offered Keith Urban, apparently not wanting to offend the great Miracles frontman. "You would soar in moments and then you would be pulled back down by the need of the melody. 

"I really felt for you," he concluded, "but I will say that your talent is undeniable and we're going to be seeing you next week."

But maybe a little bottom-three scare is in the cards? Or at least a night of pondering who she is as an artist after Nicki Minaj went off on her? Purely out of love, of course!

"I don't think this has anything to do with whether you have undeniable talent, I think everyone knows that we feel that you do," an obviously exasperated Nicki launched into her critique. "And I don't think it has anything to do with the melody of the song. I think that you came out today to try to show a different side of Angie that didn't need to be shown." 

"And you need to stop and enjoy that people are loving what you're doing. You don't have to try to be more overtly sexy, you don't have to try to be having fun. In the video, with [Jimmy Iovine] and Smokey, they're both telling you that it doesn't even feel like an organic choice just for your swag. Because even though you're saying the word now, so if your thing is not R&B or bluesy, switch it up and do what you shine at!

"Don't try to come out here and give us another side. We ain't asked for another side yet!"

Talk about your tough love!

Another contestant will be eliminated on Thursday. It's hard to believe that Angie could go from hero to zero all in one night, but...stranger things have happened.

Do you think Angie deserved the particularly harsh feedback she got tonight, especially from Nicki? Sound off in the comments!

Guess "Shop Around" won't make our list of greatest American Idol moments

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