No one is in Justin Bieber's corner more than his mama.

Pattie Mallette stopped by E! News today to chat with Jason Kennedy about her new short film, Crescendo, a historical piece about Ludwig van Beethoven's mother.

She says the project really resonated with her because "she has a musical son and she—a lot of people don't know—[Beethoven's mother] tried to take her own life while she was pregnant. I tried to take my own life six months before I had Justin and so I really resonated with the story."

So when it comes to her baby boy finding himself at the center of a media storm, she's the first to keep him in her prayers.

Mallette has always been very open about her faith and turning to God in moments of trouble, but she admits she can't speak on he son's behalf and assume he does the same. But that's what moms are for!.

"I pray for him," she tells us, "I encourage him. I can't really speak to how he handles that part of his life."

Watch the clip to find out more about Pattie's short film and its cause, along with her thoughts on Bieber's recent run-in with his neighbor.

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