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Sexual tension, zombies and nerd love, oh my!

We've got scoop on all three in today's Spoiler Chat, which includes juicy spoilers on a fan-favorite Vampire Diaries pairing, The Walking Dead's upcoming season finale and a Big Bang Theory romance update! Also included are spoilers on Smash's finale, Parks and Recreation's baby-making duo, Nashville and more! So what are you waiting for? Chat yourself!

R.S.: When does the next round for Alpha Male Madness start?
The remaining 32 dudes will go head to head later today. Keep your eyes and mouse pointer on our 2013 Alpha Male Madness page

amykinz13: Got any good Klaroline scoop on TVD?
Prepare for lots of scenes between the fan-favorite duo in tonight's episode, during which the word "friends" is mentioned several times, as is the name Tyler. The scenes may remind Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans of scenes between Spike and Buffy in season seven of the WB series. That's all we're going to say. Oh, and Klaus is shirtless throughout all of their interactions during the hour. You're welcome!

Ben in Pasadena, Calif.: Finale time! I need Walking Dead spoilers like you wouldn't believe.
It probably shouldn't surprise you that there will be a death in Sunday's finale, right? More than one, actually. "There will be more death," Laurie Holden previews to us. And could that death include her character? "I'll tell you one thing, Andrea is a fighter, and she's not ever going to be a victim." David Morrissey is also staying mum on the fate of his character, The Governor, but he did offer these delicious teases about Sunday's episode. "It's a spectacular finale. There's a real conclusion to some stories. But in the real tradition of the show, it's full of surprises," he tells us. "When we read the episode, we were all, ‘How are we going to shoot this?' It's big. It's massive. It's a big ole movie, actually. It's got everything you want from a Walking Dead episode."

Claire: Never enough Big Bang info from you guys! If I ask nicely, will you give me spoilers?
All it takes is a simple "please." So we will wait for that….We assume you just said "please," so we'll give up the scoop.  Love is definitely in the air on The Big Bang Theory, and with someone you'd least expect: Raj! "He's always been the third wheel in his friends' relationships, so it's really good to see him get a real love interest [with Lucy]," Kunal Nayyar tells us. And speaking of things heating up, Jim Parsons revealed that things between Sheldon and Amy will move along nicely, but only to a certain point. "I enjoy the status quo, but I think what's happening is they are getting more and more attached to each other." Unfortunately, the only chance of those two ending up in bed, according to him, is if the show makes it to season 10—which is actually very likely.

Debra Messing, SMASH


Paula: I'm still a huge Smash fanatic, even though it's probably not getting a third season. Can you give a fan some scoop?
Debra Messing assures Smash fans (that's you!) that the drama will not be stopping any time soon. "I'm trying to support my best friend and now director, Tom and that will prove to be a little tricky," she tells us. "And I'll also take on a new role, which I won't clarify at this point that becomes interesting. And then I sing!" So is the season-two finale actually a series finale? Well, the only thing would Messing would confirm is that it's a "fantastic" finale and "big, big exciting things" are going down in that episode.

Steve in Denver: Are Chris and Anne going to go through with the baby-making plan on Parks and Rec?
They are certainly planning on it. And by "planning on it," we mean both Chris and Anne will make a visit to a sperm bank in an upcoming episode so he can make his, um, deposit. Things only get hotter from there! Just kidding, things will get incredibly awkward.

Aisha: Loved the episode of Carrie Diaries last night, but I need more scoop! Can you help?
Does Justin Bieber wear his pants too low? Yes, to both questions. Carrie will soon be betrayed by one of her friends, and this betrayal is so huge that we can't see how she would ever forgive them. Trust us, it's a doozy. Bonus scoop: One Sex and the City character will be name-checked during the finale! Any guesses?

Glenda in Madison, Wis.: Love love love Scarlett and Gunnar together on Nashville. What's next for them?
Sleeping with a roommate isn't the best idea, right? Wrong. Clare Bowen explained that even though things between Scarlett and Gunnar might be changing, maybe it's for the best. She told us: "Scarlett cares very much about Gunnar. I can just tell you that she's very devoted to this person as a friend, and there is love there. It may blossom into something else." Friends with benefits, maybe? Although they're clearly attracted to one another, Bowen told us it's much more than just that with those two. "She feels safe with him. It goes deeper than just an attraction. They're best friends, they do everything together, you never see them with other people or with other friends." Well, we hope things work out for them. After all, what could be better than dating your best friend?

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Nicole Filla

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